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Being one of the most advanced countries in the world technology-wise, thousands of business people travel to Israel annually to learn, share and discover new knowledge.

Vered Hasharon offers a range of business tours to israel suit each field:

Israel is known worldwide for its hi-tech military, agriculture, medical and computer technology capabilities.

Israel is the leading country in the world for hi-tech and start-up companies.

Medical High Tech
Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the world medically and does extensive research on new treatments and medical care.

Hospitals in Israel have the most modern and advanced medical equipment available and can offer hi-tech medical diagnoses and treatments for all kinds of ailments and illnesses.

Green Energy
Technological advances in Israel are constantly working toward new energy sources; common types of renewable, non-polluting energy sources include

Solar Power, Wind Power, Hydropower, Geothermal Energy, Biomass, and Bio-fuels.

Green Energy tours include visits to facilities that specialize in:

• Solar Power

• Wind Power

• Hydropower

Israel is very aware of environmental issues and is constantly working to improve and advance ways to protect the environment with:

• Desalination

• Recycling

• Pollution Control

• wastewater treatment

Agriculture in Israel is the success story of a long, hard struggle against unfavorable conditions and maximizing the use of scarce water and arable land. The agricultural sector is based on Research & Development (R&D), implemented by cooperation between farmers and researchers. Research results are quickly transmitted through an extension service system to the field for trial, and problems are brought directly to the scientists for solutions.

Vered HaSharon can arrange study tours and professional meetings in the different fields of agriculture, including:

• Dairy Farming

• Greenhouses

• Aquaculture

• Drip irrigation

• Desert Irrigation

• Fish Farming

• Ecological farming

Many international hi-tech conventions and shows are held in Israel annually, and business people from around the world travel here to learn about the latest technology.

In business tours, timing is essential, and a lot has to be considered when planning all of the above. If done correctly, a business tour can be very lucrative and beneficial for all concerned.

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