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Multi Adventure tour

Why you should go…

A multi-adventure tour to South Africa offers a unique and exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of diverse outdoor activities with the chance to immerse oneself in the country’s breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife. Heart-pounding whitewater rafting, hiking, and exploring vibrant cities, South Africa’s multi-adventure tours promise an unforgettable journey that caters to every adventurer’s taste, ensuring that you return home with a treasure trove of memories and a newfound appreciation for this stunning and diverse nation.

Travel ltinerary Highlights

Upington | Arad  | Letatsi  | Cederberg | Canyoning at Sandrift Reserve  | Wolfberg | The Big Cracks | Stellenbosch | Khayelitsha Township | Cape Town 

Suggested Length

11 Days / 10 Nights

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Day 1

Arrival – Johannesburg – Upington

After our flight to South Africa, we will arrive in Johannesburg. For those arriving in the evening, we will spend the night in Johannesburg and depart for Upington in the morning. Upington is located in the northern part of South Africa, in the region of the Kalahari Desert, which is home to the Khoi-Khoi tribes.
From Upington, we will drive for approximately 45 minutes to reach the charming Khamkirri on the banks of the magnificent Orange River just above Augrabies Falls, the biggest in South Africa. This river carves through the desert soil and granite cliffs and eventually flows into the vast Atlantic Ocean. In the afternoon, we will embark on a short walk to a stunning viewpoint that overlooks the river as it makes its way to the falls.
As dusk settles over the desert, we will gather on a spectacular deck over the river for sundowners and immerse ourselves in authentic South African food called a Braai. Once the first few stars shine their light, we will take a twilight swim at the Riemvasmaak hot springs, close to our accommodation, creating a perfectly quiet setting for a breathtaking stargazing experience.

Star gazing in the desert

Day 2


Our rafting adventure continues along the Orange River, passing through the stunning Ritchie Falls and navigating thrilling rapids, all while admiring impressive canyon rock formations.

Day 3


The excitement peaks as we enter a breathtaking canyon, tackling the adrenaline-pumping “Big Bunny” and “Dolly Parton” rapids, rated at Grade 3+. After exiting the canyon, we will continue our serene rafting journey, surrounded by towering mountains.
Each night, we will find tranquility in tents nestled along the serene riverbanks, allowing us to forge a profound connection with nature and bask in its unspoiled beauty.

Day 4


Our final day starts with breakfast and onto the river, as we savour the last of the  Kalahari desert’s beauty and the wonders of the Orange River. After lunch, we will conclude our rafting journey and bid farewell to our guides. It’s off to our next exciting destination – Letatsi Lodge in the center of Namaqualand. Dinner at the Red Ox will be the perfect way to end another classic African day.

adventure tour

Day 5

Letatsi – Cederberg – Canyoning at Sandrift Reserve

Our journey southward leads us towards the captivating Sutherland mountain range. After approximately three and a half hours of travel, we will embark on a brief hike, descending into a mesmerizing conglomerate of granite pools, where we can swim and indulge in exhilarating abseiling adventures.
In the evening, we will be hosted by the “Boers” (the first white settlers in South Africa) and treated to a home-cooked meal, complemented by a local dessert known as “Malva” pudding.

hot springs in the canyons

Day 6

Wolfberg – The Big Cracks – Stellenbosch


Rising early before sunrise, we will have breakfast and cookies while witnessing the hypnotic sunrise from the edge of Sandrift Farm.
Next, we will embark on a short hike in the narrow and stunning “Wolfberg Cracks.”
In the afternoon, we will return to Sandrift and continue our journey towards Stellenbosch, widely regarded as the capital of South African wine and often referred to as the African Provence.
In the evening, we will indulge in a “Potjiekos” dinner at Van Der Stel’s farmhouse.


Day 7

Stellenbosch – Mountain Biking in Wine Farms –  Khayelitsha Township – Cape Town

After breakfast at the farmhouse, we will embark on an exhilarating mountain biking adventure through the breathtaking vineyards and grapevines.
A picnic lunch awaits us, accompanied by delectable treats and wine tasting. For the younger members of our group, there will be plenty of delightful food options as well.
In the afternoon, we will visit a local art center in the Khayelitsha Township, a colorful neighborhood that emerged during apartheid and is located on the outskirts of major cities.
As the evening approaches, we will enter the captivating city of Cape Town, situated at the foot of the iconic Table Mountain, ready to explore all the wonders that Cape Town and its surroundings have to offer.

biking adventure

Day 8 – 10

Two Days of Adventure and Adrenaline around Cape Town


Depending on weather conditions and preferences, the following two days will be filled with action and excitement.
We will hike up Table Mountain, offering stunning panoramic views of Cape Town and the harbor, and then enjoy a fun cable car ride down.
Other activities will include swimming and snorkeling with seals in Hout Bay, kayaking in the penguin colony, hiking up Lions Head for a mesmerizing sunset view and sundowners, bouldering at “Boulders Beach” with cliff jumps into the water, hiking the Omega trails in Hout Bay, riding vintage motorcycles around Cape Town, and savoring a sailing experience at sunset off Clifton Beach.

Day 11



Today, we depart for our journey back home.


Optional Extensions:

For those seeking to extend their adventure, we offer the following optional add-ons:

A visit to a private nature reserve.
Paragliding above Cape Town.
Extending your stay in Cape Town and exploring the captivating Garden Route.

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